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Finger-painting has never been so much fun! Choose from one of the many colors and stroke sizes and start scribbling away. Have a picture you really want to draw on? You can do that in Doodle! You can also take a picture from inside the application and begin drawing on it. Choose from one of the four image effects to have even more fun with your drawings. Once you are done, click the save button to store your masterpiece. Don't like what you drew? Just shake the device to start over with a fresh canvas.


  • 25 different colors to choose from
  • 4 different stroke sizes
  • 4 awesome effects (Invert Colors, Infrared, Grayscale, Sepia)
  • Take a picture from within Doodle to draw on
  • Open an image to draw on
  • Save your drawing
  • Undo drawings and image effects
  • Shake the device to clear what you have drawn

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