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Flight Path

Are you ready to put yourself in the pilot's seat? The goal of the game is to fly your plane through the center of the rings coming at you. You get points for every ring you fly through, and the closer you get to the center of the ring, the more points you get. When you fly through a ring, you will be evaluated on a scale of Perfect, Good and Sloppy. Get a lot of Perfects or Goods in a row, and you will build up your score multiplier which will give you even more points! It's not that easy though, because the game ends once you miss three rings. There's also another catch. The rings keep getting smaller the longer you fly! To fly, hold the BlackBerry like a steering wheel and rotate left and right. The more you rotate, the faster your plane will turn. How high of a score can you get?


  • Realistic steering control using the built-in accelerometer
  • Saves the highest score
  • Sound effects (can be turned off from the menu)
  • Click the screen to pause/resume the game
  • Saves the game state when you exit so you can quit and continue your flight later
  • Provides a challenge that is fun for all!