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Tired of searching through lists of icons and lists to find the contact or application you want? GesturePad allows you to define custom gestures and assign them to various tasks including: composing an Email, composing an SMS message, calling a phone number, showing all of a person's contact options, opening a website and launching an application. It's simple to setup and even simpler to use! Simply add a new gesture from the options screen of the application by drawing the desired gesture, giving it a name and then telling it what action to perform. Once you save your changes, you can swipe that gesture on the main gesture screen and your action will be performed. You can even go back into the options and modify any gesture or delete it.

The application works best if you assign it to a convenience key. To do this, enter the screen/keyboard options screen of your device and change the appropriate option there.


  • Unlimited number of custom gestures can be added
  • Gesture to compose an email to a specific address
  • Gesture to compose an SMS to a specific number
  • Gesture to call a specific phone number
  • Gesture to show all of a person's contact information
  • Gesture to open a specific website
  • Gesture to launch an application
  • Custom colors for background and gesture path
  • Ability to set convenience key actions within the application (if the device has convenience keys)
  • Option to have a confirmation prompt after gesture
  • Option to have the application close once the gesture is recognized and the action is performed
  • Ability to modify or delete gestures after you have created them
  • The simplest way to get things done!