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PatternLock Lite

PatternLock offers a new and fun way for you to lock your touchscreen BlackBerry®. Before using PatternLock, you define your lock pattern. The next time you see the lock screen, you trace your finger in the pattern you drew before and your device will unlock. Any other pattern and in any other order will not unlock the device. The full version of PatternLock can lock individual applications, the call screen, and the whole device. This is the most feature rich lock application available today with options that range from notification icons, integration with weather apps, security features (such as password protecting your options), and tons of customization options.

Purchase the full version to get the following features:
- Many more autolock options such as disabling autolock when certain applications are running
- Lock individual applications, call screen or the entire device
- Disable autolock when in predefined locations
- Backup/Restore options to encrypted file
- Custom background image, and tons of customization options for the look of the lock screen
- Theme-able lock screen using PatternLock .pltheme files
- Email, SMS & MMS, BBM, and missed call notifications
- Emergency call support
- Assign to hardware lock key
- Show weather info from BerryWeather (BeWeather) 2.2+
- Lock out the device if the incorrect pattern is entered a maximum times. Completely customizable.
- The funnest, most customizable way to lock your touchscreen BlackBerry!
- Many more...


  • Autolock on startup and when device is inactive
  • Pick your own pattern over a grid of 9 dots (you may reuse dots in your pattern)
  • Simple design that seamlessly fits in with the BlackBerry Storm interface
  • A fun and easy way to secure your device

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DISCLAIMER: REMEMBER YOUR PATTERN! To use many PatternLock features, you must disable the built in BlackBerry® automatic password lock. For maximum security, you should use the built in BlackBerry® password lock.