WordSearch XL

Enjoy endless fun with this classic word game that never gets boring! The wildly popular game for BlackBerry® Smartphones is now available for your BlackBerry® Playbook™!

WordSearch XL generates new puzzles on the fly meaning that every game will always be a new one. It has a library of over 3000 words split up into 25 different categories ranging from adjectives to sport teams to computers. The game offers four different board sizes to appeal to all difficulty levels.

The graphical interface is fun to look at and easy to play with. Finding a word is as simple as tracing your finger across the letters that make up the word. If the word is correct, the drawn path will remain, and the word will get grayed out of the word list. Each game is timed, and the best times for each puzzle size are stored so you can compete against your friends or even try to beat your fastest time! Are you ready to start searching?


  • Infinite number of puzzles
  • Library of over 3000 words split into 25 different categories
  • 4 different puzzle sizes (8x10, 10x12, 12x15, 15x19)
  • Stores the top 15 best times for each puzzle size
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Tons of fun!
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